About Michelle Patino Yoga!

Michelle Patino has been teaching private and group yoga and meditation classes in the Modesto and surrounding area and online since 2015. She first realizer her passion for yoga while taking classes at a local gym in 2008. Her appreciation for the strengthening, yet calming results of the practice drew her to learn more.

Her love for the kinesthetic and postural facets of yoga led her to enroll at Modesto Junior College that same year, where she earned an Associate of Science Degree in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine, graduating with honors. Shortly before graduating, Michelle was overjoyed to finally enroll in the Art of Yoga teacher training program at Village Yoga Center in Modesto. Shortly after in 2015, she earned her 200-hour certification (RYT-200).

Although her introduction to yoga was rooted in the precise style of Iyengar, which can be very intense, during the course of studies she became particularly interested in restorative-style yoga and has made this an area of high focus. Her techniques are highly restorative with an emphasis on safety. Clients with previous injuries are in exceptionally good hands when it comes to regaining range of motion and decreasing discomfort in affected areas safely.

She incorporates several styles and methods of yoga and other holistic healing techniques, including mindful breathing, meditation, and more. What Michelle loves most about teaching yoga is enabling those with fear to embrace their own personal journey to inner peace and harmony among body, mind, and spirit.